Support. Adapt. Move.


The S.A.M. System is a simple framework to help you plan.  Planning for your dog’s mobility gives your a sense of hope and direction.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when your dog has a painful injury or condition that affects their ability to be active and happy.

We are here to say, It’s not over, it’s just different.

Discover how with the right Support and Adaptations, you can help your dog move with more ease, regardless of physical challenges.


Hi! I AM SARAH; canine rehabilitation therapist and INSPIRED DOG MOM!

My girl Sammie was the reason I left my job in public health, returned to PT school, then continued my training to become a canine rehab therapist. I know first hand how helpless you can feel when you dog is hurt or you get that horrible, progressive diagnosis… and I know the joy of LIVING with a dog with a disability and seeing how they can still thrive, even for a short time, when you have a little support and guidance.

When your dog is injured or has a progressive condition that affects their mobility, know that you aren’t alone and there are many things that we can do to help.

It’s not over… It’s just different ~ Sarah and Sammie

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The S.A.M. System is a free downloadable planning tool to help you help your dog.

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Holly Gallagher
We highly recommend Sarah and Upward Dog. The difference she has made in Bella's quality of life is amazing. Our goal was to avoid a second knee surgery and achieved much, much more. Bella is in better shape, happier and healthier now than she was before her injury - and no surgery. Thank you Sarah!
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Jillana Burgess
Sarah has a real knack of communicating with dogs. She really listens and gives her full atttention. I saw many specialists but she was the only one who accurately diagnosed my dog’s torn meniscus post surgery, and came up with a great plan for rehabilitation. Highly recommend
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Carli Jeffrey
Sarah has such a nurturing energy. My dog adores her and let’s her treat him with no issues at all. She was able to help rehabilitate him after a neck injury, and give me preventative at home exercises to make sure he stays healthy and stable going forward. I truly recommend her services, she is genuinely kind, helpful and professional.
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