We focus on helping you implement a nontraditional, personalized injury recovery & prevention plan for your dog so they may lead a long, active, healthy and happy life❤️

Carli learning about Riggin’s knee during a senior dog mobility class

What We Do

Canine Rehabilitation (Dog Physio)….

You want the best care when your dog has an injury.  It feels good to know you are doing everything you can for your dog wellbeing and to keep them active and healthy from puppyhood to their senior years.  

Bella doing her exercises for a CCL tear, while wearing her stifle brace

So when your dog has an injury or starts to look stiff or develops a limp,  you want a personalized canine rehabilitation plan for your best furry friend that provides you with education and hands on teaching so you can help your dog at home.

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When rest and medications aren’t helping…. What next?

Have you ever had the experience with your dog where he/she pulls up slightly ‘off’ after certain activities, nothing shows on x-rays so you follow the usual regime of rest and anti-inflammatory drugs, and your dog doesn’t improve? You gradually get back to the activity and he/she seems to get better and then a few …

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