Online Services

Need help or just want someone to talk to about your dog’s injuries, preventing injuries, or chronic/progressive conditions?

We’ve grown our service so we can help you online from the comfort of your own home!

Book a free discovery call and let us know what is happening with your dog and discover how we may be able to help you help your best friend 🐶

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🐕 Want to keep your dog active while self isolating?

Online home exercise plans tailored to help keep your dog active and healthy, even with restrictions in place on movement/activity outside of your home.

Online Home Exercise and Care Plan for your dog




🏠 Looking for some guidance on things you can do to help your dog from home?

You may be looking for basic information to help you if your dog seems sore, is limping or perhaps you have a senior dog with arthritis and you are wondering what you can do to help them to avoid going to the vet during this stressful time.

Online consults can provide you with basic information and education related to helping you with your dog’s injury recovery and/or prevention of future injuries well self isolating.