Need help or just want someone to talk to about your dog’s injuries, preventing injuries, or chronic/progressive conditions?

We’ve grown our service so we can help you online from the comfort of your own home!

Book a free discovery call and let us know what is happening with your dog and discover how we may be able to help you help your best friend 🐶

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🐕 Want to keep your dog active while self isolating?

Online home exercise plans tailored to help keep your dog active and healthy and decrease the risk of injuries

Virtual Home Exercise Plan (HEP) for your dog!

Virtual HEPs includes: a stance, gait and functional movement analysis, live 1:1 coaching call, personalized HEP for your pup and basic education on fitness principles and injury prevention. You will receive the recorded session and a virtual HEP at the end of the session. Single sessions and monthly plan options.

Limited spots available!




🏠 Looking for some guidance on things you can do to help your dog from home?

Virtual Coaching

Therapy is about healing the past…. Coaching is about planning for the future! Are you ready to plan for your dog’s future mobility?

Do you have questions about injury prevention, or specific canine orthopedic or neurologic conditions? Do you have questions about dog carts, braces or boots? Are you seeking someone to talk to about your dog, have an opportunity to ask questions, and have someone help you find what you need to support your dog’s mobility challenges and keep them active?

Online coaching provides a safe place to ask questions, learn, and feel empowered to help your dog. We utilize the S.A.M. System to help make a plan for your dog’s mobility.