Online Coaching & Consulting

Has your dog recently started to decline in activity levels and you are looking for some help to keep him/her active?

As a physiotherapist, Sarah is a strong believer that movement is medicine. In fact the Canadian Physiotherapy Association promotes Exercise is Medicine . While canine injury recovery and prevention isn’t called ‘physiotherapy’, it incorporates this philosophy.

A big part of the vision of UDRW is to increase the awareness of movement as medicine and working with trained canine rehab professionals, to help dogs move with ease, as naturally as possible, no matter where they live. This is why we offer an online exercise coaching & consulting program, to help pet parents and their dogs everywhere, reach their activity goals safely. 

How is your dog’s activity level and what have you been doing so far to help them?

Sarah’s focus is in helping pet parents understand their dogs mobility needs and restrictions and helping them with what they can do within their own town to reach their specific activity goals.

What are the benefits of online coaching and consulting?

  • Understand your dog’s strengths, limitations and susceptible areas for injury and how to decrease the risk
  • Answer questions related to your dogs condition using evidence based and best practices personalized to your needs
  • Design a personalized program that reflects your dog’s individual needs, help you achieve your activity goals, and the ability to do it on your time.
Strength and balance assessment

Assessing strength, balance, and flexibility of a sport dog

What is included in an online coaching & consulting assessment package?

  • Detailed review of your dog’s health, function/performance and injury history 
  • Movement (walking and trotting) and picture analysis 
  • Functional analysis – understand how well your dog is performing daily activities (i.e. stairs, sit to stand, balance, body awareness, etc)
  • Live 1:1 consulting/coaching call 
  • Detailed report of your dog’s movement and functional analysis
  • A personalized home exercise program (HEP) tailored for your dog’s needs and your goals for your dog. Includes:
    • Exercises that can be completed using the equipment you already have
    • Explanations of how to do the exercises
    • Basic positive reinforcement training principles
  • Basic education around injury prevention strategies, canine fitness principles, and wellness tips.
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Have questions about what kind of activity your should be doing with your dog and how much?