Seminar: Beyond Skills Training. Conditioning the Canine Athlete, Nov 23 2019. Nova Scotia, CAN

Summer: Summer 🐶, photo credit to Ashley Ashley McGuiness. Canine rehabilitation – dog sport

Do you want to learn the basics of canine conditioning to improve your dog’s strength, balance, flexibility and speed, while also enhancing overall health and reduce injuries?

A primary concern for sporting dogs, regardless of whether or not you compete or do it for fun, is the risk of injury.

A proactive approach to fitness and wellness can enhance your dog’s performance and help prevent damage to his muscles and joints, but where do you start? Learn the basics of designing a conditioning program tailored to your individual dog and the sport he’s involved in. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED – EARLY BIRD RATE!🐶

This 3 hour seminar is designed for up to 12 people and 6 dogs, and will provide an overview of the following:
*Benefits of conditioning program – injury prevention, improve performance, increase longevity in sport
*Components canine conditioning: balance, power, speed, strength, flexibility, body awareness
*Assessing your dog for potential problems
*Designing tailored conditioning program: FITT, crossing training, HITT, overload, & over training, return to sport after injury

Dog and handler spaces limited to 6 spots. Don’t miss out!

EARLY BIRD register and pay by Nov 11, 2019:
*You and your dog. $99

*AFTER Nov 11, 2019 You and your dog $139

*Audit option (watch and learn): $69

Prices includes taxes.