Local K9 Rehab

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when your dog has a painful injury or condition that affects their ability to be active and happy.

You want the best care when your dog has an injury.  When your dog has an injury or starts to look stiff or develops a limp, a personalized canine rehabilitation plan helps restore mobility while providing  you with education and hands on teaching so you can help your dog at home.

Canine rehabilitation uses a hands on approach to help you naturally restore, maintain and maximize your dog’s mobility so the may enjoy an active life.

We help dogs with soft tissue and joint injuries, neurologic conditions (i.e. degenerative myelopathy, IVDD, etc), arthritis, post surgical recovery, return to sport after injury, senior dog mobility, equipment fitting and usage (ie. harness, carts, bracing).

Rehab to Recovery to Return to Sport/Activity

We also offer “prehab” – a proactive approach to fitness and wellness, reducing the risk of injury while improving function and independence through exercise, stretching, and other therapies.

There are many ways we can help you and your pup!

  • Home visits in Nova Scotia, Canada (abiding by Covid-19 safety guidelines and restrictions)
  • Clinic visits (Dartmouth, NS)
  • Virtual consults
  • Online programs and webinars
  • Online community with professional interviews – Living with Dogs with Disabilities

(Services may be combined. Subject to change and availability)

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At Upward Dog Rehab & Wellness we strive to work collaboratively with you, your dog, your veterinarian and others involved in enhancing your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Veterinary referral/consent is needed to treat your dog if they are lame, injured or require post-surgical services. Your vet will be required to fill out our Vet Consent Form found here.

If your dog is in good health and is coming in for fitness evaluation (“prehab”) a veterinary consent may not be required.