What We Do

Canine Rehabilitation (Dog Physio)….

You want the best care when your dog has an injury.  It feels good to know you are doing everything you can for your dog wellbeing and to keep them active and healthy from puppyhood to their senior years.  

Bella doing her exercises for a CCL tear, while wearing her stifle brace

So when your dog has an injury or starts to look stiff or develops a limp,  you want a personalized canine rehabilitation plan for your best furry friend that provides you with education and hands on teaching so you can help your dog at home.

Whether your fury friend is recovering from orthopedic surgery, suffering from an age related condition like arthritis or has developed a recent limp after a game of fetch, specially designed exercises, therapeutic modalities and manual therapy can help maximize healing and reduce risk of future injuries. It uses knowledge gained in specilized canine anatomy and physiology training combined with physiotherapy skills, knowledge, and techniques, to improve the quality of life of your four legged friend.


Canine Movement Coaching and Conditioning

Is your dog healthy and strong and you want to keep them that way? Are you looking to enhance their wellbeing or maybe improve their performance in your sport of choice?

Canine movement coaching and conditioning is a service we offer in person and online that helps you keep your healthy active dog, top notch!

Seminars and Classes

 Learning about canine conditioning in a group environment is a great way to:

  • Become introduced to new conditioning ideas or principles at an affordable price

  • Gain knowledge on both the theory and how-to in a relatively short period of time

  • Receive both personalized feedback on you and your dog, as well as benefit from watching other teams

  • Have fun and share laughs with other participants, while also spending some quality time with your dog OR

  • Learn at home and we will come to you!