For Veterinarians

We are proud to combine our passion for animals with evidence based and best practices in physiotherapy, and specialized training in canine rehabilitation. It allows us to not help dogs recover from surgery, and also to improve their mobility and quality of life as they age as well as return to their daily walks and other activities after getting injured. Our rehab therapist holds a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy and has gone through extensive training in canine rehabilitation to be able to work in this field. Our model is to provide home visits which provides convenience for the pet owner, helpful home environment information to assist in rehab and has been successful with pets who cannot go to a clinic for rehab.

Training at STARR 2019 with physiotherapists, veterinarians, and technicians in canine rehabilitation

Even though we provide a mobile service, we follow a similar model to human healthcare where the physician establishes the need for therapy and manages any medical issues. In the canine world, this collaborative practice model allows us to ensure the dog is appropriate for rehab and helps us focus on what we are experts in: movement science, biomechanics, hands-on treatments, progressive exercise programs based on stages of healing, and customized a rehabilitation programs focusing on teaching the pet owners how to best help their dog. In this model communication is key and we keep in contact with our patients’ veterinarians to keep you updated with their progress and, most importantly, to make sure that they are following-up with you should any medical issues arise.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.