Canine Rehabilitation

We all want our dogs to live long, healthy and happy lives!  

You want the best care when your dog has an injury.  It feels good to know you are doing everything you can for your dog wellbeing and to keep them active and healthy from puppyhood to their senior years.   So when your dog has an injury or starts to look stiff or develops a limp,  you want a personalized canine rehabilitation plan for your best furry friend that provides you with education and hands on teaching so you can help your dog at home.

Movement aides in injury recovery

A canine rehab therapist is a movement expert for your dog; understanding how they move, what slows them down, and what stops them. Using a hands on approach, we help you naturally restore, maintain and maximize your dog’s mobility for an active and happy life

A collaborative practice model, incorporating physiotherapy with other health disciplines achieves the most promising health outcomes for patients rehabbing injuries/orthopedic surgeries and improving overall sense of wellbeing.
At Upward Dog Rehab & Wellness we strive to work collaboratively with you, your dog, your veterinarian and others involved in enhancing your dog’s health and wellbeing.

A mobile canine rehab practice allows us to provide canine client centered care within the comfort of your home.

Mobile Canine Rehabilitation – myofascial stretch

How does canine physical rehab work?

The same way physiotherapy does for people!  Physical rehab is one on one and delivered on a case by case basis.  Sarah conducts a detailed musculoskeletal and neuolological assessment is performed, a problem list developed, goals defined and treatment plan designed. 

A full physical rehabilitation assessment takes 1 to 1.5hours. At the end of it, Sarah will review everything with you, make recommendations for a treatment plan, talk with you and teach you about what you can do at home, and together you and Sarah will develop and plan of care for your best furry friend 🐶

Tell us about your dog! Prior to an initial assessment we like to have some background information on your dog, what concerns you have and what your goals are.

Canine Rehab client – Summer ❤️