The SAM System

We created a simple 3 pillar framework to help you help your dog

Sammie tore cruciates in her knees in 2012/2013.  She began to have some rear weakness in 2015 followed by a back injury and  was diagnosed with spinal arthritis.  In 2016, it was determined that Sam had degenerative myelopathy (DM).  DM is a slow progressive spinal cord disease that leads to paralysis

Sarah’s desire to help other pet parent’s face what feels like insurmountable odds with their dogs ability to be active and enjoy life, comes from her knowledge, experience, and heart as both a therapist and a dog mom with a dog that has had all odds against her.


A Diagnosis of Elimination and Why it Matters

January 30, 2021|0 Comments

A woman came to me for help with her dog when going through one of the worst experiences a dog parent can go through. To have your dog wake and be unable to walk, and then be told your dog will get progressively worse. Did this beautiful girl have the progressive spinal cord disease that would eventually lead to rear paralysis (inability to walk)?