Sarah has a real knack of communicating with dogs. She really listens and gives her full attention. I saw many specialists but she was the only one who accurately diagnosed my dog’s torn meniscus post surgery, and came up with a great plan for rehabilitation. Highly recommend.

Jillana Burgess
Sarah has such a nurturing energy. My dog adores her and let’s her treat him with no issues at all. She was able to help rehabilitate him after a neck injury, and give me preventative at home exercises to make sure he stays healthy and stable going forward. I truly recommend her services, she is genuinely kind, helpful and professional.
Carli Jeffrey
We highly recommend Sarah and Upward Dog. The difference she has made in Bella’s quality of life is amazing. Our goal was to avoid a second knee surgery and achieved much, much more. Bella is in better shape, happier and healthier now than she was before her injury – and no surgery. Thank you Sarah!
Holly Gallagher

Shortly after rescuing Lucy, our Newfoundland, we discovered that there was a very good chance that she would require an invasive surgery, TPLO. To avoid this we researched alternative methods to ease Lucy’s discomfort and made changes to both her diet and her activity level, but that wasn’t quite enough. We stumbled upon the Upward Dog Rehab booth at the Dog Expo and after chatting with Sarah we knew this was something we wanted to try for our Lucy. Over the past few months of working with Sarah, she has provided in-home visits, hands on care, advice, and introduced progressive exercises that have strengthened Lucy’s joints, increased her activity levels and made her a happy and healthier dog. Three months ago Lucy would go on a 10 minute walk and by the end of her walk she would be slow and her hind leg would be dragging a bit; now Lucy goes for longer walks twice a day and wants to keep going – to the point where she is trotting and pulling us along. She does not drag her leg and she even gets the zoomies occasionally and has no limping or discomfort afterwards. This could not have been possible without Upward Dog Rehab and we are so appreciative of everything Sarah has done for Lucy. We cannot thank you enough!

JM Fraser