1 to 1 Virtual Mobility Coaching

Do you have questions about your dog’s injury prevention, or specific canine orthopaedic or neurologic conditions? Are you looking for help with equipment like dog carts or braces? Our maybe you just want to have an actual conversation with someone and get help with your dog’s mobility challenge?  We can help with that!

Virtual mobility coaching is about providing a safe place to ask questions, learn, and feel empowered to hep your dog. Sarah can provide you with basic information, education, and exercises for your dog and help you feel empowered to help your dog stay active healthy.

1:1 Virtual Consults

We know that it can be frustrating not being able to attend your dog’s PT sessions.  We also understand that not everyone has local access to canine rehab services  Virtual consults are a safe way to get help regardless of where you are at!

Sarah will collaborate with you and your veterinary medical team to provide comprehensive, one-on-one coaching solutions to help you help your dog.  She will go through with you:

  • your dog’s physical limitations
  • current treatment plans
  • home environment set up that is both safe and promotes mobility
  • mobility aides and equipment that may help with exercises and mobility
  • a simple online exercise and activity program for your dog appropriate for condition or stage of healing

Virtual consults are convenient way access to an expert in animal physio and rehabilitation.

You get….

When you complete a virtual session you will get:

  • 30-60 minute Zoom call
  • Mp4 recording of Zoom call
  • Session notes
  • Online Exercise Program
  • S.A.M. System e-planner and a plan for your dog
  • a convenient way to access professional help in the field of physiotherapy and canine rehabilitation.

Want to learn more about 1:1 virtual services or set up a call?  Fill out the contact form here and we will email or call you over the next couple of days!

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