The S.A.M. System

It’s not over…. ¬†it’s just different

Having a pet with a chronic and/or progressive condition that affects their ability to be an active family member, can leave you feeling helpless.

But…. It doesn’t have to.

We created a simple 3 step process to help you help your dog ‚̧ԳŹ

Sarah  is an inspired pet parent,  physiotherapist, and canine rehab therapist.  Her inspiration comes from her dogs, especially her white German Shepard, Sammie.

Sam & SarahūüíĖ

Sammie tore cruciates in her knees in 2012/2013.  She began to have some rear weakness in 2015 followed by a back injury and  was diagnosed with spinal arthritis.  In 2016, it was determined that Sam had degenerative myelopathy (DM).  DM is a slow progressive spinal cord disease that leads to paralysis 

Sarah’s desire to help other pet parent’s face what feels like insurmountable odds with their dogs ability to be active and enjoy life, comes from her knowledge, experience, and heart as both a therapist and a dog mom with a dog that has had all odds against her.

The S.A.M. System

Support.  Adapt.  Move.

Do you feel helpless in helping your dog live an active and happy life, in addition to traditional vet care?

Are you looking for things you can do at home to help your dog reduce risk of injury, have less pain, and be more mobile?

Maybe we can help

We are developing and compiling tools and resources for you and to make it just a little easier, we are offering an interactive Webinar Training to go along with these resources.

You will learn how to use The S.A.M. System  so that both you and your best furry friend can have the Support you need to Adapt to your new conditions, and Move forward and live fully.


We are launching the first series of webinars mid May, 2020. Sessions are small to create a safe and supportive environment for this pet parents that want to learn everything they can to help their dogs.

Space is limited!