Does your dog wobble when he walks?  Or is she ‘down’ and can’t use her back legs? 

If you’ve recently been told your dog has DM (degenerative myelopathy) you may be feeling like you are at the beginning of the end.  Or maybe you are a little farther along and doing everything you know of to help your dog stay upright…. but are haunted by what will happen when he can no longer use his hind legs? 

The anxiety you may be experiencing right now, it’s the fear of the unknown combined with self doubt.  It is a very real experience whether you are in the early or later stages.  I know this because I had the same fears with Sammie, my own dog as we journeyed through DM.

The questions….

“What will I do when she pees in her bed? Will she be depressed? Will I be able to care for her? What will happen when her back legs don’t work anymore? When do I introduce a dog cart? How will I know when it’s time?” 

Sound familiar?

I’ve been asked these questions hundreds of times by dog parents.  And even been asked by other practitioners designing plans of care for dogs with DM, where to start. Physical therapy has been proven to extend the lives of these dogs but caring for a dog that you know is going to eventually decline is a very different rehab plan.  I can’t ask you to focus on therapeutic exercises when you are struggling with toileting your dog. 

So, after hours upon hours of helping people like yourself with their dogs and DM,I’ve finally done it! 

I’ve created “LIVING with Dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy. The Program”!!!!

(Going LIVE February 13-March 20, 2021!)


This is a  6 week program for dog parents with dogs at various stages of the DM.  It’s not a course, it’s a small, tight knit community designed to enhance learning and help you feel empowered to take care of your best friend.

A dog with DM and rear paralysis  can still be an active family member and you can take care of him or her!  There are some critical care components to help your dog LIVE with DM, and not just manage the disease.  

By doing things in the early stages that enhance independence, strength, and wellbeing, you can keep your dog more active and upright longer.  Investing in a rear harness or sling, reducing slippery surfaces, strengthening her hind end, introducing a cart while he can still use his hind legs, and optimizing nutrition while maintaining an ideal body weight can actually make a world of difference.

And when the time comes that she can no longer use her back legs, it’s not over, it’s just different.  It is a bigger conversation and having it before you need to, like introducing the dog cart before your dog needs it, can help you feel a little bit more in control of the process, knowing how to care for your dog.


This is why I am so excited about this program! 

Knowing is half the battle and we are going to cover more than knowing.  We are going to make a plan for you and your dog. I am going to teach you the skills you need to take care of him at home whether you are supplementing your current rehab plan or figuring this out on your own.  

We will be using an online teaching platform supplemented by a private Facebook group.

I’m delivering this program to a small private group of dog parents so that we can have real conversations and talk about those things you may be afraid to ask in large groups, those questions that make you doubt your dog parenting skills, or the things that simply aren’t covered in traditional rehab or vet care….  how to handle the 3am poop mess or what to do if your dog tips in her cart.  If it’s a concern you have, we will talk about it.

This program is for dog parents that are doers… your want to learn and then do!

Is that you?  If yes….

Are you ready to feel empowered to help your dog at any stage of DM?

Click the link below now and let’s do this!

I’ve extended the early bird rate 48 hours (until Wed Feb 10th)!

We have limited space and the program is currently half full!  If you are impacted by financial constraints right now, PM me and we will figure out an option for you!

and remember….